Writing & Editoral Work

In English:


Converting Plain Text To Encoded HTML With Vanilla JavaScript (Smashing Magazine, April 2024)

June 2018 – September 2020, Study.com

Text lessons written:

The Bag of Words Approach in Text Mining: Definition & Example

Data Warehouse Software & Vendors: Landscape & Overview

Practical Application for Introduction to Linux: Performing a System Backup in Linux

Practical Application for Programming in R: Data Cleaning in R

Practical Application for Programming in R: Data Processing in R

Detecting Data Errors in R Programming

Inconsistent Data in R Programming

Data Access Using HTTP: Definition & Purpose

Document Modes & Noscript in JavaScript: Definition & Use

Advanced Canvas Features in HTML: Use & Examples

JavaScript Form Validation Using Regular Expressions: Definition & Example

Showing Text in HTML Using JavaScript: Syntax & Example

External & Internal JavaScript: Explanation & Examples

Updating HTML Form Elements in JavaScript: Explanation & Examples

Validating Forms Using JavaScript: Overview & Example

Using JavaScript to Return Elements from HTML Forms

The Browser Object Model (BOM): Definition & Relation to the DOM

DOM Events & Objects in JavaScript Overview

The Document Object Model (DOM): Purpose & Function

Using JavaScript to Work With the Document Object Model: Use & Examples

Modifying Elements, Attributes, Classes & Styles in the DOM

JavaScript Event Handlers: Overview & Example

Transforming Data to Data Frame in R Programming

Data Structures in R Programming

Lists in R Programming: Purpose & Examples

Data Frames in R Programming: Properties & Manipulation

Network Services in Linux

User Defined Function in R Programming: Creation & Use

Basics of the Macintosh OS for Digital Forensics

Linux Operating System: Distributions & Uses

Practical Application for Introduction to Linux: Programming Statements in Bash

How to Install Fedora Linux on a Local Machine

Linux Directories, Linked Files & the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard

Shell, Terminal, Bash & Kernel in Linux: Definition & Basic Commands

Analyzing User Interface Design: Steps & Procedures

Component-Level Design: Definition & Types

Component-Level Design: Steps & Examples

Data Modeling in Software Engineering: Objects, Attributes & Relationships

Installing MySQL for Database Programming

Requirements Modeling in Software Engineering: Classes, Functions & Behaviors

Scenario-Based Requirements Modeling: Definition & Application

Class-Based Data Modeling: Definition & Application

In Greek:

December 2015 – July 2016, Koufalis Media Corporation

Stories of Medical Success,” medical guide, published in 2017. Role: copywriter, editor.

Best Tavernas“, restaurant guide, published with “Ethnos” newspaper, July 2016. Role: copywriter, managing editor.

Greek Best Hotels“, annual hotel guide, published with “Proto Thema” newspaper, June 2016. Role: copywriter, managing editor.

Medical & Pharmacy“, guide of doctors and pharmacists, published with “Eleftheros Typos” newspaper, May 2016. Role: copywriter, editor.

Web Work

December 2015 – July 2016, Koufalis Media Corporation

successstories.gr – company website, January 2016. Role: created website (WordPress), modeled on older website youngbusinessman.gr; research in company archive for content; created YouTube and SoundCloud channels; uploaded content.

winterhotels.eu – Companion website to “Winter Hotels” hotel guide, December 2015. Created website (Bootstrap), created content.

greekfoods.info – Companion website to “Greek Foods” guide, December 2015. Created website (Bootstrap).

topofthetop.gr – companion website to “Top of the Top 2016” restaurant guide, December 2015. Created website (Bootstrap), created content.

June 2009 – June 2015, K-S Publishing & Trading Ltd.

oplognosia.com – news website for hunters, in Greek with some English pages. Role: created and manage website. Managed transfer of content across formats: static HTML, Joomla, WordPress.

linseedoilfinish.com – promotional website for English language publication “Linseed Oil Finish”, a how-to guide for wood finishing. Role: created website.

borekisser.com – product page for the “Borekisser”, a shotgun cleaning tool. Role: created website.

Other Web Work

stratis-stamatakos.gr – portfolio website for Greek visual artist Stratis Stamatakos. Role: created website.

Photo & Video


2009 – 2014, K-S Publishing & Trading Ltd

Linseed Oil Finish” – ebook, how-to guide for wood finishing, published 2012. Role: provided all the photography for the book.

Oplognosia – contributed photos for several articles on the website, such as coverage of the Diana 2010 event.


2011, K-S Publishing & Trading Ltd

Diana 2011 hunting & outdoor sports exhibition – Shot and edited video coverage of the event for the Oplognosia website.

2008, American College of Greece, Deree College

Chrysothemis, musical by Olga Emmanuel – contributed video footage to the production, as part of the course “Advanced Media Production”. Instructor: Mr. Nikos Falagas.

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