Alexis Kypridemos



Alexis Kypridemos has been working as an assistant to his father, journalist Nikitas Kypridemos, since October 2008.

A.K.'s main duty is to update and manage the website Oplognosia. As of January 2015, the site numbers over 1,200 pages and has been visited over four million times. A.K. developed the current version of the website in 2011 using XHTML, CSS and PHP.

A.K.’s main tasks include:

Another task A.K. is sometimes charged with is to take photographs. Duties range from taking pictures of still objects in a workshop to photographing step-by-step instructional presentations of DIY projects, to covering events and photographing merchandise in stores. Over 250 of A.K.’s photos are published on Oplognosia, in the e-books "Linseed Oil Finish" and "Over the Coals," and on the website Borekisser.

Between May 2012 and September 2013, A.K. developed the websites Linseed Oil Finish, Borekisser and Smooth Bore, which he continues to manage and update.

Between November 2008 and April 2009, A.K. interned as a journalist for the Sunday edition of the major national Greek newspaper "Ethnos," in the world news section. There he worked in a team with five senior journalists and participated in over 20 weekly story meetings. He wrote four published articles and more than 10 published entries in the columns "Click" and "Strange."

In his free time, A.K. writes and self-publishes fiction. He developed the website where he presents his work, Fiction Fix, and its Greek version, Παρακμή.

While earning his B.A. in Communication from the American College of Greece, A.K. participated in two film festivals with short videos he made; Patra International Film Festival in September 2007 and Naoussa International Film Festival in May 2008.

Between May and July 2008 A.K. worked as an assistant to luthier Dinos Lavrendakis.